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We maintains a special, unique, and powerful relationship with all the world's biggest advertising exchanges. Therefore, we help you have a chance to take your inventory to the highest level of campaigns through conducting a header auction in the advertising industry.

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Who is Millions View

The Millions View has experienced many revolutions of advertising technologies from Open RTB to further Header Bidding. We know the difficulties that publishers face, as well as the value that they have been losing. For this reason, we are here to help publishers optimize their every impression. Therefore, we help publishers to receive the highest and most accurate value for each impression.

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  • Video Ads

    Automate sales of display and video inventory with solutions that guarantee total transparency and brand integrity across all screens.We helps some of the largest media brands optimize their ad yield using machine learning. A unified revenue dashboard gives you an unobstructed view into how much revenue you're generating—and where it's coming from.

    Video ad networks allow publishers to connect with thousands of buyers so that video ad impressions are transacted. The best video ad networks also provide publishers the technology required to run, report, and optimize video ad campaigns.

  • Banner Ads

    We help you maximize bid values for every impression by combining human expertise, industry-leading auction management tactics and sophisticated advertising technology.

    Banner advertising consists of placing a designed ad on another website. As the name implies, the ad is a banner shape, a long rectangle, either horizontal or vertical. Banner ads are usually at the top or bottom of a website or vertically along the side of a website, next to the main content.

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